About Us


Independent Linehaul is an individual, true kiwi driver, management and business consultant with exceptional experience and knowledge of the heavy transport industry.

I’m Chris Parker, considered the last of a dying breed, a true kiwi driver who cut his teeth on Road Rangers and can back semis, trucks and trailers or B-Train combinations with the ease that only comes from knowledge and experience.

I have over 20 years of transport experience and have owned linehaul units in the past providing me with a clear understanding of the logistical interruptions and costs associated when drivers make mistakes through poor decisions.

When you spend as much time on the roads as I have, you see the effects of complacency from drivers all over the country. I have proudly been accident free for many years and in my experience as a Heavy Recovery Operator I have witnessed first hand what some of the “qualified and experienced” drivers out there are capable of; I’ve pulled them out of ditches, rolled them back onto their wheels or simply towed them to the nearest workshop for repair after serious damages. The big temp companies can’t offer what I can, an operator with a wealth of knowledge, varied and extensive experience and a focused attention.

From a towie to an inter island linehaul driver, I can do it all.

Experience doesn’t cost, it pays.