Welcome to the new Independent Linehaul webiste!

Welcome to the new Independent Linehaul webiste!

I am excited to present to you, the newly designed website for Independent Linehaul! I have launched this new website with a goal in mind, to provide you, my valued customers with an easy to navigate and user friendly browsing experience, so that you can access the information and details you need as quickly and easily as possible.

I wanted the new Independent Linehaul website to reflect the high quality of service and extensive experience I have to offer as a heavy vehicle driver and consultant, and I am pleased to present to you an opportunity to find out more about what I can offer you as a driver and as a professional.

The sole focus of Independent Linehaul is to offer an efficient, reliable and safe service in a time and cost effective manner. It has become harder than ever to find a reliable heavy vehicles driver in NZ, but I can comfortably apply my knowledge and skills to any task asked of me with the confidence in knowing I can do it well.

Experience doesn’t cost, it pays.

I invite you to have a look around and explore the newly designed website for Independent Linehaul…

A little about me

My name is Chris Parker and I am considered the last of a dying breed, a true kiwi driver who cut his teeth on Road Rangers and can back semis, trucks and trailers or B-Train combinations with the ease that only comes from knowledge and experience.

I have over 20 years experience in the heavy vehicle industry and have attained a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the field which enables me to provide such a reliable and nationally trusted service.

I have personally owned linehaul units in the past which has given me the understanding and empathy for businesses on the lookout for a reliable driver. In my experience as a Heavy Recovery Operator, I witnessed first hand the detrimental effects hiring the wrong driver can have on safety, and the reputation of your business. This understanding and experience is what drives me to make responsible decisions as if your business were my own.

It is well known across many industries that when you enjoy what you do, you’re better at it. Driving heavy vehicles is like second nature to me, I’m passionate about what I do and get great satisfaction from doing it well.

As well as my services as a driver, I offer management and consulting within the heavy transport industry. My expertise and knowledge of the industry is something you can only gain through hard work and experience, which is why I can offer such valuable help and advise to other NZ to encourage safe and profitable practices. 

How I can help you

Finding a reliable driver doesn’t just mean someone that can drive and that is it. In the heavy vehicle and transport industry there are so many different aspects to be aware of. Often you find a great driver who lacks essential experience and knowledge in other useful areas, and vice versa.

I have been lucky enough to work in and learn about several different areas of the industry, equipping me with valuable experience and expertise. I can offer services spanning much of the industry with the confidence in applying my talents to any task I receive successfully.

In my experience as a linehaul unit owner, I have understood that drivers are the first point of face to face contact for many businesses and their customers. This can be a blessing and a curse, as your driver is representing your company. Because of this I make sure I am always physically and verbally professional and treat people with respect and professionalism as if it were my own business. Put your business in the hands of someone that you can trust.

From short term to long term assignments, or from a towie to a linehaul driver, Independent Linehaul has so much to offer:

  • Road Ranger experienced
  • Management of fleets and businesses across the heavy transport industry
  • Business consultancy
  • Health and safety focused
  • Reverse any combination
  • HPMV experienced
  • Ex Tanker driver
  • Short and long term assignments
  • Police Clearance
  • Heavy towing and salvage
  • DG, V, W, T, R endorsements
  • BESS
  • Truck crane cert
  • Operations and Management
  • Over 20 years driving heavy vehicles on NZ roads
  • Well presented and spoken
  • Class 2 load pilot

To discuss your needs and requirements, contact Chris at 021 622 644 or email chris@linehaul.co.nz

One Comment
  1. Hi Chris
    My name is Brandon Masters. I’m a 63yr old experienced class 5 driver looking for some linehaul work out of Auckland. I have nearly 6 million kms under my belt and never had an accident. I’ve good knowledge of operational requirements of a number of business types and have a work performance standard that I endeavour to stick to.
    I’ve been retired for the last 3 yrs but circumstances have made it necessary to look for work once again. I have a clean NZ drivers licence, currently with lapsed F & D endorsements.
    While I retired mainly due to health reasons I have since made some major changes in my life and am in good stead to work again without hardship.
    I’m interested if you have anything in your area of work that might help me.

    My mobile number is below if I can be of assistance to you or you to me.

    Brandon Masters
    027 488 7072

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